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The ArtLot Update

In 2016, The Avondale Arts Alliance, in partnership with the Avondale Estates Downtown Development Authority (DDA), local citizens and businesses, created a temporary art park in an abandoned space at 70 N. Avondale Rd., taking unused—and ugly—land and turning it into a gathering place for the community.

The pop up park supports and increases pedestrian safety, neighborhood identity, and beautification along the busy four-lane corridor of Covington Highway.

The ArtLot is a public space where locals and visitors alike enjoy a creative experience involving sculptures and visual art installations, seating areas for conversation and contemplation, green walls and a performance space.

The Arts Alliance completed the construction of The ArtLot in late 2016 and programmed the space until the end of 2017. The Arts Alliance and DDA ended their contract with the City and the property now exists as a public park maintained by the City of Avondale Estates. Programming and events are ongoing, and interested parties may contact City Hall for permission to use the space.

Avondale Estates City Hall: 404-294-5400