The ArtLot


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Avondale Arts Alliance Creates The ArtLot

Avondale Estates Pop Up Art Park, First of Its Kind in Georgia

July 7, 2016 – AVONDALE ESTATES, GA  The Avondale Arts Alliance, in collaboration with the city of Avondale Estates, is developing a pop up art park called The ArtLot. Slated to open in August, the temporary park will showcase art installations from local artists, musical and spoken word performances, movies and other programming.

Built from reclaimed materials on a blighted lot in the city’s downtown, The ArtLot aims to revitalize the downtown area, attract new visitors to the city, and highlight the area’s vibrant arts community. Developed and built by an all-volunteer committee, The ArtLot encourages neighbors, schools and the community to contribute and participate.

Jen Singh, president of the Avondale Arts Alliance, explained, “The ArtLot project aligns perfectly with the Arts Alliance’s goals to engage, enrich and empower the Avondale Estates arts community.”

The pop up park also encourages walkability, and is designed to be a gathering place where visitors can explore a creative experience that will involve sculpture, visual art, green walls and a performance space. Visitors may drink coffee or work in the park while admiring the installations, or meet friends before walking to one of the many Avondale Estates restaurants. Ample lot parking is available in the rear of the park for those visiting from out of the area.

The ArtLot is located at 70 North Avondale Road in a vacant lot near the landmark Tudor Village. The space is sited for development, but until then the park will bring visitors to the downtown district in hopes of exposing new people to this revitalized area. Since the structures are temporary, once development is ready to begin on that spot, the Arts Alliance can easily pick up and move the park to another location within the city.

Although similar parks have been successful around the country, no other like it exists in the state. Avondale Arts Alliance Vice President Dave Newbern said, “The ArtLot is unique to Georgia in that it is a temporary public arts park situated on a blighted demolition site in the city of Avondale Estates. While there are other art parks and even temporary art installations, there are no other dedicated art spaces that will provide shaded recreational and work spaces.”

The ArtLot will utilize upscaled materials such as pallets and other recycled objects to create a functional and pleasing aesthetic. Programming highlighting all forms of visual and performance art will add to the unique environment. Installations of greenery on the blighted property will also serve as a pilot program to access the viability of a town green space.


The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and the City of Avondale Estates have already financially committed to The ArtLot! This is an exciting time for Avondale Estates and the Arts Alliance is proud to be a part of providing a creative outlet for visitors and residents alike. View the budget proposal for details. Donations are accepted on our website and please contact us if you would like to volunteer.

pop up park, avondale estates, art park, parklet, temporary park

Materials and design installations are meant to be curated, attractive, temporary, easily moveable, be open to the need for design changes and offer a unique artist-driven design aesthetic. The Art Lot would remain in place on a trial basis as an “ongoing festival” where a variety of arts programming would occur on a weekly or monthly basis. Over time, the space could be reclaimed permanently as public open spaces or be developed into other projects.

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